DAMA/Crys is a low background facility realized for low counting experiments using scintillation detectors where tests on the performances of new scintillation detectors and to small-scale experiments can be carried out.

The passive shield of this set-up is made of high purity copper (11 cm), lead (10 cm), cadmium (2 mm), and polyethylene (10 cm). The set-up is sealed and continuously flushed by high purity nitrogen gas to prevent the detector to be in contact with the environmental air. The inner volume available for scintillation detector(s) installation is (82x16x14) cm3.

It is also a general-purpose set-up and can also assure us in future the possibility to produce many kinds of low background measurements in an efficient way at well reduced cost.

Photos of DAMA/Crys set-up can be found here.